1. How is Colleago different to other shift booking software?

Colleago has been designed for one purpose only:

To take the frustration and time out of back-filling shifts.

It enables employers and their selected team to see the availability of their staff and invite them to work, in real-time when a shift become available. Colleago is extremely easy for staff to use and requires virtually no set-up on their behalf.

2. Do I have to download software or an ‘app’ to be able to use Colleago?

No software downloads are required. All you need is your preferred web browser on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Colleago is shift booking SaaS (Software as a Service) and accessible online. It is in ‘the cloud’ hosted by Amazon Web Service (AWS) in Sydney, one of the larger providers in the world.

3. Does Colleago need to be integrated with other software systems that I already use?

No integration is necessary. You don’t have to change a thing.

4. How will Colleago benefit my company?

One of the biggest risks in managing a business is not having the staff to perform work when it is required. The best-planned and executed work roster process doesn’t stop staff availability changing. This often occurs at the worst time and with minimal notice. Identifying other staff that can back-fill a shift takes time and is frustrating. It can cost money, take time and impact business reputation, especially for businesses that provide Services or Care.

5. Will Colleago charge my staff to use it?

No. There is absolutely no cost to your staff. Plus your staff will probably thank you for letting them get on with their job.

6. What are the key benefits for my staff when I use Colleago?

There are numerous benefits for your staff:

i. Staff who work ad-hoc shifts, such as casual employees, or those wishing to do additional shifts, now have a simple way to keep you and /or their managers notified of their availability.

ii. Staff with multiple employers, or that work across multiple sites, can now keep everyone using Colleago aware of their availability.

iii. Senior staff responsible for back-filling shifts can be provided  ‘shift creation access’ so that they can identify and notify available colleagues when a shift needs filling. There is no more stopping work to call through lists of colleagues in the hope of finding someone!

iv. The risk of double-booking a shift or not filling a shift is drastically reduced.

v. Staff have a SMS trail and a reporting dashboard to keep track of their shift invitations and acceptances. Depending on the device, Staff can also transfer their confirmed shifts to their online calendars.

vi. Discovering that vacant shifts went unfilled, or that agency personnel agency really disappoints staff when they are available and miss out. Plus it costs the business money. With Colleago, there is less chance of this happening.

vii. Staff will not get phone calls at inappropriate times when they are already unavailable. Their interest and availability to work are now listed in real-time. This is especially important for staff on evening and night shifts.

7. Is Colleago easy to set-up?

Absolutely. Everything about Colleago has been designed to be simple and quick. Creating a corporate Colleago account takes less than 5 minutes. All you need to do after this is enter the job titles/functions that you use. Entering staff takes no more than 1 minutes for each person, or you can do a bulk upload. All you need is your company information, a credit/debit card, staff details and their job titles/functions. There is no software to download.

8. How long does it take to identify, select and notify staff of a shift?

It takes very little time to identify your suitable and available staff and to then push out a shift request. The staff member that is first to accept the shift via SMS or online gets the shift. Importantly, whoever sends the shift request will receive an SMS confirmation when it is accepted, and so will the successful staff member. Staff that were unsuccessful in securing the shift also get notified. Job done! You can even have the manager that is going to be on-duty during the shift to be filled to receive an SMS so they are also across any changes.

9. Who can send out shift requests?

You or your nominated company administrator of Colleago is able to select employees that they would like to give ‘shift creation’ access to. This is easily done at the time when the employee is added to Colleago by moving the ‘Shift Creation Rights’ toggle button from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’. It can be changed at will and at any time in the employee edit screen.

10. How many employees can I give shift creation rights to?

The choice is yours and only limited by the number of staff that you have in Colleago. We do not charge further fees for this additional functionality.

11. What is the easiest way to measure the financial and business benefit of using Colleago?

It depends on what is important to you and your company;

i. If your company uses agency personnel when things get urgent, your labor costs increase dramatically. Reducing your use of agency personnel use by several shifts per month should cover the cost of Colleago for most organisations.

ii. Staff satisfaction, retention, and engagement.

iii. Customer/client benefits when services are not disrupted.

iv. Saving you precious time.

v. Less frustration!

12. Does Colleago have real time on screen reporting?

Absolutely. Colleago provides the employer with a clean and easy reporting dashboard with relevant metrics and details:

  • Booked Shifts – Shifts that have been booked but have not yet been worked.
  • Open Shifts – Shifts that have not yet been accepted by an employee(s).
  • Canceled Shifts –  Booked shifts that you have canceled because things have changed.
  • Registered employees – The employees that you have using Colleago
  • Administrators – The employees that you have given shift creation access to.

13. How easy is it for my staff to use Colleago?

Once you enter a staff member, they will receive an SMS and an email inviting them to use Colleago. All they need to do follow the link in the SMS or email and create a secure 8-character password. They can update their availability immediately. It can’t be any easier or quicker.

There are no apps to download because Colleago is built using a responsive web ecosystem and works on common internet browsers on all internet enabled devices.

14. Why does Colleago use SMS’s to notify staff of shifts, rather than pop-up messaging?

Pop-ups can be more difficult for staff to manage and can be overlooked or missed. SMS’s provide greater coverage and work if a staff member does not have access to Wi-Fi or data.

15. Do I need to pay booking fees?

There are no booking fees, at all!

16. What if I use more than the allocated number of SMS’s in a month?

Each plan should have more than enough SMS credits for normal use. If additional SMS’s are used, they will be billed at $0.07 AUD each.

17. My employees have job titles that are unique to my business. Does Colleago accommodate this?

Yes. You set up your employee Job Type, Category and/or Sub-category based on how you refer to your employees in your business. This is known as your employee taxonomy and is simple to do. If you need help, the Colleago team are happy to assist. Just call.

18. What if my employee is a casual or freelancer and has another employer that also uses Colleago.

Your employees’ availability will be visible to all of their employers that are using Colleago (including you) providing they are using the same mobile number. Importantly, you will not be able to see if your staff member has other employers. Only the staff member will see this. When they are booked for a shift they will be shown as ‘Blocked’. You will not be able to see where they are working or what they are doing. This protects their privacy and that of your business.

19. What if I need help setting up Colleago?

Even though setting up Colleago is easy you can call us if you need help. Colleago was built to promote business efficiency and if that means we need to help you along the way, we will.

20. How reliable is Colleago?

Every effort has been taken to ensure that Colleago provides continuous uptime and service to ensure that you can run your business more efficiently and with less risk. If you would like more information or if you experience an issue please contact us directly on:

e: support@colleago.co,

ph: 1300 410 880 – Business Hours Only