1. What staff details do I need to enter?

The staff details that you must record comprise of essential items like Name, Mobile, Email, Profession and Gender.

2. Will my staff and company details be kept private?

Absolutely. Other companies using Colleago have no visibility of your business, staff or details. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for more information. Staff details are only used for your normal use of Colleago and will not be, shared or sold.

3. Will my ‘usage data’ be used for statistical analysis and system refinement?

The Colleago team may incorporate anonymous and unbranded data for analysis, in reports, and for continuous improvement purposes.

4. What level of security does Colleago have?

Colleago has what is often referred to as ‘Bank’ grade security utilising HTTPS, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocols and various levels of encryption.

5. Where is the Cloud Data Centre for Colleago?

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) data canter in Sydney, Australia, one of the largest providers in the world. This is really important as many Australian companies requite their data to stay with Australia.

6. Where can I find a current copy of the Privacy Statement?

The Colleago Privacy Policy can be found on the Colleago Website: www.colleago.co/privacy-policy