1. How do I set up my account on Colleago?

You don’t need to set up an account or profile. Your employer set up your profile when they added your name, number, and job details. You should have received an SMS and an email advising you that your employer is using Colleago. All you need to do is follow the link in the SMS or the email and create an 8-digit password.  Pretty simple.

2. Why won’t Colleago accept my password when joining Colleago for the first time?

Your password needs to be a minimum of 8 characters long.

3. How do I bookmark and show the Colleago logo on my smartphone?

If you are using an Apple phone:

  1. Open Safari
  2. Enter www.colleago.co and press Go
  3. Once the page is open, at the bottom of the screen you will see a box with and arrow pointing up, select this
  4. You will notice a range of icons pop up. Select the icon “Add Bookmark’
  5. Select Save.

4. How do I set my availability?


  1. Log in to your profile
  2. Select My Availability.
  3. Pick the date range near the top, by scrolling left or right
  4. Toggle the ‘Available’ buttons for when you want to work.

The available buttons represent Morning, Afternoon and Night.

5. How am I notified of shifts?

You are notified of shifts via SMS. You can also login to Colleago to see the shifts that you have been invited to work and accept any open shifts.

6. How do accept a shift?

Reply with the word ‘yes’ and the unique code stated in the SMS. It is not case sensitive.

For example:  yes vc23

7. How do I decline a shift?

Reply with the word no and the unique code stated in the SMS. It is not case sensitive.

For example,  no vc23

8. What if I don’t respond to a shift request?

Nothing.  Though your employer will know that you did not bother to respond. It is recommended that you respond yes or no to all requests.

9. What happens when I successfully accept a shift?

Once you successfully accept a shift, you will receive SMS confirmation and your availability will automatically change to ‘Blocked’. You cannot be booked for another shift at that time/date. The person who pushed out the shift request also receives an SMS letting them know that you accepted the shift.

10. How do I cancel a shift that I have accepted?

You will need to contact your employer to cancel a shift that you have accepted.

11. What if I delete an SMS shift notification but wish to accept a shift?

Go to www.colleago.co, login and select the shift if it is still available.

12. How can I check if there are open shifts still available?

All you need to do is log-in and go to your dashboard and select available shifts. Shifts that are still available will be listed.

13. What if I have more than one of my employers is using Colleago?

Your profile will show all your employers that are using Colleago. Your privacy is important so only you have this visibility. Employers using Colleago can’t see other employers.

14. What if I forget my password?

No problems at all. In the login screen, select ‘forgot my password’ and follow the instruction’s to reset your password.

15. What if I change my mobile number?

You will have to advise your employer(s). Your mobile number is your unique identifier. All your shift history will be lost if a new account is created for you.

16. How do I know if I can create shift requests?

Go to ‘Shifts’ in the menu list. If you a little red circle with a ‘+’ you can create shifts for the employer(s) that have given you permission.

17. How do I create a shift request?

Creating a shift is easy but you can only create a shift request if your employer has granted you permission.

  1. Click ‘Shifts’ in the menu list.
  2. Click the red circle with a ‘+’.
  3. Enter the shift date, time, location, role, and category.
  4. Enter the Manager that will be working the shift that you need to fill (optional).
  5. Select ‘Next’. Colleago will list your colleagues that are willing and available to work.
  6. Select the people that you wish to invite.
  7. Click “Send Request” and an SMS will be sent to the selected staff, so that that they can accept or decline.
  8. You will be notified by SMS when a staff member accepts.

18. What if I need help?

We recommend that you speak to your employer first. You can also email the Colleago team at support@colleago.co

19. Do I have to use Colleago?

Your employer has implemented Colleago so that they can quickly and easily connect with you when there are shifts. If you decide not to use Colleago, you will be available by default and receive invitations to work even when you may not want to work. This may sound like a good thing, however, if you always decline shifts or do not respond, your employer may question your commitment.