Temporary Staffing Agency Advantage

The adoption of Colleago by Crewe Sharp Medical will enable them to better support their casual employees and their clients. It will be a key differentiator from their competitors.

Working closely with temp agencies like Crewe Sharp, it is obvious that they all face incredible service level demands. As providers to health care facilities, nursing agencies feel the pressure across several fronts which stems from their need to quickly fill vacant shifts with suitably qualified staff so their clients can care for patients.

It is fair to say that agencies strive to:

  1. Quickly identify and communicate with the right employees to broadcast and confirm shifts. Chasing unavailable staff can mean the difference between filling a shift or missing out to a competitor. It is always disappointing to learn that a competitor has a filled a shift with someone that you also have on your books.
  2. Demonstrate to their casual team that they are accurately represented and engaged. A temp agency cannot operate without great people to work shifts.
  3. Be commercially viable and competitive.

Colleago is enabling temporary personnel agencies (and their consultants) to connect with their staff in real-time to fill shifts. The software was originally designed for end-users however agencies recognise that it will also help them reduce their time to fill shifts and improve casual staff loyalty.

The Townsville region in Queensland, which is Crewe Sharp’s first area to start using Colleago, is already experiencing great adoption by casual staff because of its ease of use. Their casual staff can now keep their agency consultants updated of their availability and engage with them more efficiently. The real beneficiaries will not just be the local aged care facilities and hospitals, but the casual staff that does great work.

As early adopters of Colleago, Crewe Sharp Medical are demonstrating that they are a progressive nursing agency that embraces contemporary solutions to support their clients, staff, and consultants.