Why use SMS to Broadcast and Confirm Shifts

What are the benefits of using SMS technology instead of pop-ups?

Businesses large and small that engage employees on casual basis do so for many reasons; they have unpredictable staffing requirements, ad hoc skills specialisation requirements, or they need to maintain employment ratio’s that are not negotiable (i.e. such as in the Health and Aged Care Sector).

Whatever the reason, there is an underlying requirement for a quick, simple and low-risk way to broadcast shifts to your staff, and fill them.

The Colleago platform utilises SMS technology to broadcast (announce) open shifts, to enable employees to accept or decline shifts, and to be notified of the outcomes, purely because SMS’s work.

There are plenty of downloadable applications that can be found on App stores such as iTunes and Google Play store that use pop-ups which is a graphical user interface (GUI) display area, usually a small window, to alert communicate with their audience.

Colleago is different. It was deliberately designed and built without pop-ups because businesses need tried-and-tested reliability when broadcasting their shift requirements. For pop-ups to work, the employee must have Wi-Fi or mobile data.  SMS’s work without or without data access.

Pop-ups are a quick-fix, riskier option for several reasons:

  1. Pop-ups can be disabled, rendering the software platform less effective.
  2. Pop-ups require access to data.
  3. We’ve never heard of a mobile plan or mobile phone that can’t work with SMS.
  4. It would be hard to find a mobile user that cannot write a simple yes or no type text.

So, whilst you can still use Colleago online on your computing device, we have also incorporated SMS technology to broadcast and fill work opportunities because it can be relied on. Best of all, every Colleago plan has an ample allowance of SMS’s. There are no surprises with Colleago!